Ashley Benson’s Matching BFF Tattoo Pays Homage To Her Favourite Food

Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images.
Ashley Benson added to her tattoo collection on Wednesday night, and she brought a friend along with her. In a more permanent version of those friendship bracelets you made at sleepaway camp, the actress got matching tattoos with her friend Tara.
The ink was a nod to what we can only assume is the pair’s favourite food: french fries. Both Benson and Tara had the words “Pommes Frites” in small, all-caps block letters penned on their arms, which they showed off in a black-and-white photo on Benson’s Instagram story.
Her new ink came courtesy of New York City-based celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy, whose other clients include Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner. But before the pro could mark Benson and Tara's arms, the actress turned the table on him: She tatted his thigh, inking the word “titty” while the seasoned artist talked her through the process. She shared a series of Instagram videos from her visit to JonBoy’s studio, captioned, "I got to tattoo my dude tonight @jonboytattoo Titty."
This might be the first time Benson has tattooed JonBoy, but it isn't the first time he's tattooed her: Last August, the artist penned the word “squish” on Benson's hip, which many people interpreted as a nod to her girlfriend, model Cara Delevingne.
In addition to the “Pomme Frites” friendship tat, Benson also got the word “California” tattooed below her shoulder blade during her most recent session. The Anaheim, CA, native shared a snap to her story with the caption “California Girl."
Now that the actress has taken her turn behind the tattoo gun, she's asking her Instagram followers if it's time for a career shift: “Should I become a tattoo artist?”
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