Is Liam Hemsworth Being Sued Over Those Thirst Trap Photos?

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images.
Move over, Jason Derulo and Kumail Nanjiani. The latest celebrity to make headlines because of his spicy Instagram timeline is none other than Liam Hemsworth. But unlike his aforementioned comrades in thirst, he’s not in the spotlight because of a steamy post — social media might actually have landed him in hot water.
Just two weeks after going viral on the social media platform for his harmless but extremely potent thirst trap, the Australian actor and his Instagram page are now at the center of a serious lawsuit. Hemsworth is being sued by Splash News and Picture Agency for copyright infringement, E! reports, with the photo agencies alleging that the actor posted a "series of photos depicting defendant Hemsworth performing an outdoor scene on location for production of the film Isn't It Romantic” on his Instagram. 
Hemsworth initially shared the images in July 2018 during promotion for the Rebel Wilson romantic comedy and once more in June 2019 to encourage fans to vote for Isn't It Romantic in Fox's Teen Choice Movie Awards. The plaintiffs in the case allege that by uploading of the photos without authorization from Splash News and Picture Agency, Hemsworth essentially broke the law.
E! News obtained documents from the lawsuit, and the allegations against Hemsworth are quite serious. “Plaintiff is informed and believes and on that basis alleges that defendant's acts of copyright infringement, as alleged above, were willful, intentional, and malicious." Under Section 504(c)(2) of the Copyright Act, a judge could force Hemsworth to pay the photo agencies up to $150,000 in damages for reposting the images.
Hopefully, the lawsuit will just be a reminder for the actor to be more careful with his posts rather than preventing him from posting on the 'gram completely. He's been doing such a great job sharing very high quality content these days...if you know what we we mean.

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