Kaia Gerber Just Chopped Her Hair Into An A-Line Pixie Cut

Photo: Darren Gerrish/Getty Images.
A good haircut can be a gateway to another haircut: You start with a freshly-snipped lob or bob, and love it so much you find yourself itching to go shorter, and shorter, and shorter... It happens, and there's no better example of how quickly a mid-length cut can turn into a blunt bob, then a full-on pixie cut, than Kaia Gerber and her 2019 hair evolution.
Back in June, editorial hairstylist and Redken Global Director Guido Palau transformed Gerber into the spitting image of a '90s supermodel by chopping her brunette lob into what he described as a "boyish" bob right at her jawline. Ever since, we've watched that Palau-crafted bob slowly creep up and up, with the newest length veering well into pixie territory.
Gerber debuted her fresh cut on Instagram this weekend with a profile shot captured at a pop-up event for Emily Ratajkowski's clothing and swimwear brand Inamorata — and not even the ornate flower arrangement she's posing next to could distract from the model's dramatic, shorter-than-ever haircut.
Gerber also showed off a front-facing view of her hairdo on her Instagram Stories. From that angle, it's clear that the haircut is best described as an A-line pixie, with length in the back and a bit more fullness and dimension around the face.
When you're feeling scissor-happy, like Gerber clearly is, there's no saying where you'll land in length. If the 18-year-old supermodel keeps inching shorter, her most dramatic style may still be to come in 2020. Until then, we're taking ample short-hair inspiration from this one.
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