What Happened To Selena Gomez & Bella Hadid’s Virtual Olive Branch?

PHoto: Morgan Lieberman/FilmMagic.
It seemed like Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid were finally on track to becoming best friends (what? It happened in John Tucker Must Die), but a new development in their rumoured feud has derailed that train, and Instagram may be to blame. After two long years of ignoring (and low-key throwing shade) each other on social media, Gomez extended an olive branch to the supermodel by following her on Instagram and even leaving a compliment under one of Hadid’s pictures.
It was a big deal—the women haven’t been on good terms since Gomez sparked a romance with The Weeknd, Hadid’s ex-boyfriend, in early 2017. Even after they broke up, and Hadid briefly reunited with the "Starboy" singer in 2018, things were still pretty icy between the two A-listers. And it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon on Hadid's end.
Not only did Hadid not return the favour by follow Gomez back, she even removed the post from her feed completely. One of the Selenators was quick to peep the shade, alerting their fave of the update with a post of their own. “She's all about supporting women. You all just can't take it nicely. BTW Ms Hadid deleted the post," wrote the anonymous user. The post prompted Gomez to enter the comments. "That sucks," Gomez reportedly replied, alongside a sad-looking emoji.
Now, Gomez and Hadid may have reached a stalemate, but the apparent tension between the women could very end with a simple "like." After all, the former Disney starlet also utilized social media to make peace with Hailey Baldwin despite all of the drama that went down in her relationship with Justin Bieber. Time heals all wounds, and social media can help.
But if that takes too long, at least Instagram lets you mute people now.

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