Lady Gaga Fell Off Stage While Dancing With A Fan

PHoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Lady Gaga took a tumble off her Las Vegas stage that was anything but shallow (sorry). In a video posted on Twitter, the singer brought a fan named Jack on stage during a performance for her "Enigma" residency at the Park Theater. When the fan lifted the singer up around his waist, the two lost their balance and ended up falling off the stage onto the floor a few feet below. Luckily, Gaga did not sustain any immediate injuries, and she continued the show.
As for Jack, he was invited back on stage, and Gaga assured him that everything was fine.
"That was a fall!" she said once they took a seat together at the piano. "Can you promise me something, can you just forgive yourself right now for that happening?"   
She also stressed that she would be "very upset" if anyone on the internet gave Jack a hard time for the incident.
"It's complicated being up here," she reminded the crowd.
Later that night on Instagram, Gaga documented her post-show routine, which involves an ice bath, hot bath, and wearing an iced compression suit.
This extensive routine isn't related to the fall, but is likely due to the chronic pain Gaga experiences from fibromyalgia, something that was heavily documented in her Five Foot Two documentary on Netflix. However, we wouldn't blame Nate for having an ice bath, too.

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