Reese Witherspoon Is Ready To Go Viral On TikTok

Photo: V E Anderson/WireImage.
Reese Witherspoon is well on her way to mastering TikTok thanks to a tutorial from her son, Deacon Phillippe.
“This is very important,” Witherspoon begins in an Instagram video with her son. “I’ve brought you here because I have questions for you.” As a teenager, this opening line from one of your parents probably filled you with dread. Instead, what Witherspoon proposes is a much more entertaining idea. Witherspoon asks her son to explain the short-form video sharing platform TikTok to her and others who might still be wondering if it’s just Vine 2.0. “Will you help me make a video for TikTok?” Witherspoon asks. Cue our new favorite type of montage: Reese Witherspoon dancing and learning about teen pop culture trends.
Witherspoon does her own rendition of some of today’s most viral dance moves as well as introducing some of her own, to the mortification of her son. He tries to teach her a few moves before they finally settle on a much more Reese-worthy recreation. Deacon’s TikTok lesson was successful and Witherspoon is front and center with her adorable bulldog, recreating the Mr. Sandman cat meme.
A quick history for those still wondering about why TikTok seems to be everywhere nowadays. TikTok used to be before being bought by Chinese company ByteDance and merged with their app, TikTok, in August 2018. Since then, it has taken the world by storm with the culture of, dancing and lip-syncing to popular songs, and evolved into its own chaotic and entertaining beast. No doubt, even if you don’t have the app, you will have seen TikTok videos circulating on Twitter and Instagram or in compilation videos on YouTube. 
By the end, Witherspoon is well on her way to becoming the next viral TikTok star. Or at least we think so. Her son might not be as convinced.

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