The Jonas Brothers’ Instagram Has Officially Gone Rogue, Thanks To Diplo

Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images.
Diplo is at it again. After spilling the beans on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's wedding via livestream back in May, the musician hacked into the official Jonas Brothers Insta to wreak some havoc. Well, "hacked," since it turned out to all be a stunt to promote their upcoming country collaboration, "Lonely."
For a second there, though, he had us going. Fans noticed something was going on when the account of the recently-reunited boy band unfollowed everyone except for Diplo. Then, the account posted this:
"@calvinklein ur welcome for the free promo," the caption read. "follow @diplo."
At first, it just seemed like this could be an admittedly bizarre way to encourage fans to show Diplo some more love. However, with every post, like this one about the Hanson brothers and this one of a wild Jonas Brothers tattoo, it became clear it was out of the brothers' hands.
"Seriously call me @diplo this isn’t funny," Nick commented on a photo of Diplo holding three Grammys, which he had tagged as each of the brothers.
"Wtf @diplo," Kevin echoed. "It was funny for like one post but we’ve got a show tonight and need the account back..."
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photoshoot with kevin, nick, and joe. follow @diplo

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Diplo pressed on, posting videos with the heads of the brothers pasted over actual people, a montage of Photoshopped images from the early days of the band, and people's confused reactions on the account's Instagram Story, until they finally posted this teaser that explained everything.
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lonely. 12am et

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Diplo and the Jonas Brothers are collaborating on a song for Diplo's new country album, E! News confirmed. The full project, announced back in April, will be released under his real name, Thomas Wesley, and has a single already out.
"Lonely" will premiere at midnight, according to Vevo.
As for the Jonas Brothers, they're on tour following their reunion album Happiness Begins and probably turning on two-factor authentication as we speak.

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