Dakota Johnson's Tooth Gap Is No More — & Fans Are Emotional

Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images.
Celebrity hair colour or nail art switch-ups make headlines on the regular, but when was the last time a celebrity's newly-augmented smile made front-page news? Given that big, white, shiny veneers are already Hollywood's worst-kept secret, most dental tweaks happen firmly under-the-radar.
But when it comes to Dakota Johnson — one of the rare actresses who bucked that "perfect teeth" dental trend by proudly rocking her natural gap-toothed smile — suddenly changing her look, you can bet people will be talking.
At a screening of her film The Peanut Butter Falcon over the weekend, Johnson revealed that her iconic gap — which she once gleefully boasted could fit both toothpicks and credit cards — is no more, smiling wide to show her two front teeth now conjoined.
Photo: JC Olivera/WireImage.
As you can imagine, Johnson's super-fans are emotional about this big change, taking to Twitter to mourn the loss of their favourite gap in Hollywood.
Cosmetic dentist Victoria Veytsman, DDS, suspects that Johnson's change likely isn't the result of veneers, but an altogether simpler procedure. "It was likely a short course of Invisalign treatment," Dr. Veytsman tells Refinery29 via email. "It's definitely not veneers, because her original teeth look like they are the same size, shape, and colour."
Beverly Hills-based cosmetic dentist Matt Nejad, DDS, echoes that theory. "You could close a gap like that in a few weeks with Invisalign," Dr. Nejad says. Dr. Veytsman says that it could also be the result of bonding, which involves tooth-coloured resin material applied to the teeth and shaped to look as natural as possible.
Though this may feel like a watershed moment for her fans, this is Johnson merely exercising her right to change her appearance however she pleases. Just like how one day she might get blonde highlights or yet another tattoo, clearly she thought it was time for the gap to go.

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