An Ode To Our Favourite Celebrity Potheads

Photo: Target Presse Agentur Gmbh/Getty Images.
If you haven't noticed, marijuana (and its cousin CBD) is having a moment. More and more states are changing their laws to allow for medical, and even recreational, use. Cannabis is more common than ever — especially in the celebrity world. You can bet movie trailers, video sets, and tour buses will fill with that distinct musky scent at this very moment.
420 has become a worldwide code-name for cannabis. Fun fact: The terminology was started by a group of high schoolers who called themselves the Waldos in the ‘70s. They were trying to find a mythical field of pot and would meet at 4:20 pm everyday after school to resume their search. You can listen to the story on this episode of one of my favourite podcasts, Criminal. They never found it, but they founded a term that is used by stoners all around the world. As such, April 20th has become Weed Day.
Obviously, not everyone indulges in marijuana, but you don’t have to be a weed smoker to appreciate these stories about a few of our favourite famous potheads. And if you do observe 4/20 as a national holiday, then trust me I’m not judging. And you would be in some pretty dope company.

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