Justin Trudeau’s Daughter Proves He Has At Least One Fan Left

Justin Trudeau has had a rough few weeks politically. He’s in the middle of the most controversial scandal of his career – one of the biggest in recent Canadian history — and his approval ratings are plummeting. If it’s any consolation to the prime minister, he’s still got a fan in his 10-year-old daughter, Ella-Grace.
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau posted this adorable snap to Instagram on Tuesday of Ella-Grace outfitted as her husband for "dress like your parent" day at school. Instead of choosing to copy her mom’s signature style, Ella-Grace opted for a button-up shirt, tie, and slacks that are the classic casual Justin Trudeau uniform.
This isn’t the first time one of the Trudeau children has selected a gender-norm defying costume. For Halloween 2017, their youngest son, Hadrien, went as Skye, a female pup from Paw Patrol. He rocked a pink dress, complete with a matching helmet and ears. At the time, there was some backlash to Hadrien’s look, but Grégoire Trudeau says she doesn't care about antiquated notions of how children of different genders should dress.
“He wanted to be Skye, who is all pink, and in that moment I thought, ‘Absolutely, my love. You can wear that,’” Grégoire Trudeau told Refinery29 earlier this year. “I don’t look at what people say on social media. I’m sure people had something to say. I treat everybody equally, regardless of gender. In a philosophical way, I think gods and goddesses change positions all the time [within us]. They’re in everyone.”
The comments to Grégoire Trudeau’s post of her daughter are mostly positive, with followers calling for Ella-Grace to “roll up her sleeves” to really capture the Casual Trudeau look.

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