Julia Roberts & Nicollette Sheridan Have Very Different Takes On The College Admission Scandal

Photo: SGranitz/WireImage.
The college admission scandal that charged Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and over 30 other parents with attempting to fake or bribe their children's way into school has rattled the Hollywood community. One by one, those in the actresses circle have come forward to condemn their alleged actions, including Real Housewife Kyle Richards.
Most recently, Huffman's former Desperate Housewives co-star Nicollette Sheridan gave her two cents on the scandal, but spoke vaguely as to not reignite the cast's notorious bad blood. Sheridan herself left the show on rocky terms.
"We don't know the facts, but we can be extremely disturbed by the entitlement, the power and money that can take away from less privileged and that, to me, is disgraceful," Sheridan told USA Today. "So, we'll see where it really stands."
When pressed for more details, such as if she had discussed the drama with her other former co-stars, she waved it off.
"Oh, you're just looking for gossip, aren't you?" she said. "I think everybody should be talking about it. It's a huge problem."
But even those who don't know Huffman and Loughlin are affected by the news, including Julia Roberts. Her disappointment came as a parent, telling the UK's ITV that the alleged bribes and cheating meant the parents involved didn't believe in their children.
“That to me is so sad because I feel, from an outsider, that it says a little bit, ‘I don’t have enough faith in you,’” she explained.
When it comes to her own children, Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry, she says it's a balance between wanting to give them a better life and making sure they "run their own race."
Huffman and Loughlin have not confirmed nor denied their alleged involvement in the fraud, but have paid $250,000 and $1 million USD in bail, respectively.

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