Chrissy Teigen Takes A Stab At Her Own College Admissions Scam

Photo Credit: Dia Dipasupil / Staff.
There are two ways to take the news that members of the upper class club known as the "rich and famous" were indicted for allegedly illegally paying their kids way into elite colleges and universities in the biggest college admissions scam ever.
One is to note think about all the qualified, less privileged students who lost their worthy spot at a great school because of this long-running scam by a man named William Singer. The second is to blatantly mock how absolutely insane it is that parents Photoshopped images of their children to make them more desirable as candidates. Now, Chrissy Teigen would like to take a whack at.
The couple — and notorious, but lovable, internet trolls — debuted their own photoshopped image. In the picture, Teigen's placed her and Legend's heads on the bodies of soccer players, along with the faces of her friend and celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkins, and Atkins' husband, Mike Rosenthal. She asked Twitter: "Does this look real? We are trying to get into Harvard." Room for improvement, Teigen.
While the two biggest names involved in the case, actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, did not utilize the Adobe Photoshop to get their daughters into their preferred school, Loughlin did have her daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli pose as a member of the crew team, even taking photos of her on an ergometer. The two parents who are charged with altering photos of their children are Devin Sloane and Elisabeth Kimmel.
According to court documents, Sloane exchanged emails with a graphic designer to Photoshop an image of her son playing water polo in an outdoor pool. Meanwhile, Kimmel's son was Photoshopped to look like he excelled at pole vaulting.
He had never pole vaulted before.

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