The Summer Eyeshadow Trend You'll Be Wearing Well Into Fall

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/WireImage.
We're officially in that weird summer-to-fall limbo that makes getting ready 10 times more difficult in the morning. We're talking about the days when the temperature is slowly falling and you're stuck deciding what to wear (sandals vs. boots), what to drink (iced coffee vs. PSLs), or what to do on the weekends (Netflix vs. Netflix). But here to make our #firstworldproblems a little easier is one makeup trend that's perfect for transitioning into colder weather: green eyeshadow.
The shade isn't so bright that it looks weird outside of a pool party, and isn't so dark that it feels like the makeup equivalent of wearing tights too early. "Green is a very powerful colour, yet it represents freshness, which is a very big trend right now," says celebrity makeup artist Rokael Lizama.
Makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan agrees, suggesting that you keep the focus on the eyes when trying out the trend, but letting the rest of the rules fly out the window."There’s no right or wrong in choosing your shade," she says. "If you’re going green, you’re going for a fun look and [you] can apply as little or as much as desired!"
For ideas on how to pull off green shadow — without looking like a Marvel villain — check out the celebrities and models who nailed the trend, ahead.

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