Snow Day! The Best Instagram Posts From Ontario’s Massive Snowstorm

Photo by @lorichristmas via Instagram.
There was a time when waking up to a sea of fresh powder outside my window was the best thing in the world. It meant that there was a mountain of fluffy whiteness to play with, but more importantly, there was a chance winter had done its thing and given us its greatest gift: A SNOW DAY. No school. No homework. Just heavy, wet, glorious SNOW.
Fast forward to 20 years later and waking up to a city covered in slush is not as exhilarating. Now, instead of snow angels and sledding, it just means longer commutes and layers of questionable fashion. A winter storm blanketed Southern Ontario yesterday dumping 15-20 centimeters of snow on a good chunk of the province. For the kids who still get giddy at for a big snowfall, there have been cancelled buses and school closures. For the Instagram influencers who love a good photo op, there have been plenty of chances for those too. Say what you will about how inconvenient snow days can be as an adult but, hey, they sure are pretty.
From bundled up OOTDs and blurry blizzard selfies to snow-covered canines, here are the best photos from Ontario’s biggest snowstorm of the year so far.

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