Lady Gaga's Haus Beauty Line Could Drop At Any Minute

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images.
Update: Eight months ago, the news broke that Lady Gaga's company, Ate My Heart Inc., trademarked the name "Haus Beauty" for what most assumed would be an upcoming cosmetics line. Despite fans' excitement, Mother Monster remained silent about whether or not we should save up for some Gaga-inspired makeup — that is, until a few days ago.
Just before the turn of the new year, a website using the trademarked name quietly appeared online. Unfortunately, offers zero hints of the impending collection, and instead directs users to a black screen with a prompt to enter your email address for future updates.
Still, we're hopeful. Despite the fact that the 32-year-old entertainer has had her plate full this year — with sweeping award nominations and a Las Vegas concert residency — she confirmed during Vogue's "73 Questions" in September that she'd reveal her beauty secrets "soon."
Better yet, Gaga has been frequently using the hashtag "#hausbeauty" on Instagram posts with up-close makeup details, meaning she could already be wearing the products in plain sight. (Rihanna employed a similar tactic in the months leading up to her Fenty Beauty launch.) In other words, Haus Beauty is real and coming. And until then, we'll be daydreaming about what "disco stick" glitter and "Holy Fool" eyeliner would look like on our own faces.
This story was originally published on May 9, 2018.
Between the music, TV shows, documentaries, films, and wine, it's safe to say Lady Gaga has had her hands full since entering the spotlight in 2008. In the midst of it all, she's also managed to become an icon in the beauty world: From wearing a sheath made entirely of purple hair extensions and turning lazy smudged eyeliner into the rock 'n' roll makeup trend of the year, Gaga has never been afraid to take risks.
So it should come as no surprise that, after teaming up with MAC on a Viva Glam lipstick and launching fragrance, it appears she's finally giving her Little Monsters what most big-name stars almost always eventually do: a cosmetics line.
According to official documents filed on February 22 of this year, Lady Gaga's company Ate My Heart Inc. set out to secure a trademark for a cosmetics company called Haus Beauty. Judging by the singer's aesthetic, you can probably expect the line to be over-the-top extra as ever: the products mentioned in the trademark range from the usual (lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters, bronzers, body powders, perfumes, lotions, nail polishes, and face cleansers) to the unexpected (body masks, laundry products, and beauty milks, whatever those are).
No word yet on when the line will drop and what exactly it'll look like, but we'll update you when we find out more. All we know is she's giving us a million reasons to be excited.

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