The Latest Hollywood Hair Trend Takes 3 Seconds To Master

Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty Images.
Last year, it seemed like everyone was sporting super-duper long extensions. Referred to by many Hollywood hairstylists as "Cher hair," the look was a nod to the insane lengths the icon sported in the early '70s. Celebs spared no expense to pull off the look: J.Lo's went beyond her waist, Rihanna's touched her backside, Beyoncé's Grammy 'do was as long as some hemlines, and Nicki Minaj's weave went down to her ankles.
Cool? Hell yes, but the look is also wildly impractical for a variety of reasons. (A 32-inch Brazilian wavy install is just too easy to trip over, am I right?) The trend did birth another revival that works in any season — and one that's frequently seen on the left coast: the '70s centre part.
We've already talked about how the position of your part is an instant facial game-changer. But there's something about a centre line that makes your look fresher and edgier, no matter what your length or texture is. See some of our favourite examples, ahead.

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