Is It Time To Quit Your Job And Go Work In Weed?

If you’re looking for a big career change and a little adventure, the shiny, new cannabis industry is probably looking pretty good right now. A drug that was once taboo is now fuelling billions in (legal!) business and being studied at colleges and universities across the country with courses on cultivation, law, production management, and a slew of other areas. Canada can expect about 150,000 new weed-related jobs in the coming few years, according to a study from Deloitte, and some come with hefty salaries to match. For example, Calgary-based staffing firm Cannabis At Work found that a marketing manager, senior accountant or human resources manager in the field can expect to make upwards of $89,000 a year.
“Never in our lifetime are we going to see an industry emerge in this way,” says Alison Gordon, CEO of 48North, a licensed producer that’s focusing on women’s health and wellness. “It doesn’t happen very often and it will unlikely happen again.”
Clearly there’s plenty of opportunity, but is the cannabis biz right for you? Refinery29 spoke to four women who’ve made major career pivots and are now navigating the ever-changing pot market with intellect, intuition, and a desire to change the perceptions of the plant. Here’s what they said you need to know before you quit your day job.

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