Which Britney Spears Should You Be For Halloween?

Photo: Nigel Waldron/ Getty Images.
As a former Catholic school student, I can tell you that Britney Spears' most iconic music video look is pretty hard to achieve. Her cutesy schoolgirl outfit in "...Baby One More Time" didn't just happen. It takes a lot of time to properly hike up your pleated skirt and position a white blouse just so. But slide on some thigh-highs, add ribbons to your pigtails, and voila! Schoolgirl Britney has arrived to whatever Halloween party is in your iCal, with wine ready in her book bag.
But what about Spears' other hits? "Toxic," "Stronger," and "Womanizer" have some pretty compelling Halloween looks, too. Instead of focusing on the present (the jury is still out on her G-Eazy collab), let's look at Britney in her prime. Nearly every Britney Spears video serves a look that would steal the spotlight at any Halloween party.
So dig out your Curious perfume, slip into some leather, and pile on the jewelry. Being the best Britney Spears this Halloween will take everything you can find inyeah the back of your closet.

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