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4 Chic Pieces Of Tech That Are As Fashionable As They Are Convenient

Tech has become an ever-dominant force in our lives (for better and for worse) and so has the way we make an aesthetic statement with it. From our long-standing obsession with digital watches to statement headphones, wearable tech has been a fixture in fashion for more than a decade.
There is one overall quality about wearable tech that we love — it can make our lives a whole lot more convenient.
In 2021 (the proclaimed year of radical self-expression), we're all for wearing, watching, eating and drinking everything that not only screams you but also makes your day-to-day just that much easier — so, here's a rundown of trending wearable tech that's as sleek and stylish as it is convenient.


Smartwatches first hit the market in 2013 and have evolved from clunky, Blade Runner-esque looking devices to sleek and chic fashion statements.
While you've probably come across various TikTokers attaching their smartwatches to their ankles on nights out or events (to ensure their step count is still tracked), most smartwatches are outfit-worthy these days.
This year, we've seen sleek, slimmer bands, smaller screens and a more integrated approach to health and wellness dominate the smartwatch seen. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 not only boasts a simplistic modern design but also allows for comprehensive health and wellness tracking, including access to on-demand ECG and blood pressure readings.
Smartwatches admittedly do give off a certain aura. Personally, when I see a smartwatch donning the wrist of a friend or co-worker, I'm immediately intimidated by how together that person's life is. There's just something about being able to have a constant feed of your heart rate, guided meditations and texts without having to pick up your phone and inevitably get zapped into hours of scrolling.

Smart Luggage

Luggage is an undeniable fashion statement — we can't think of a celeb who wasn't papped at an airport in the 00s without a Louis Vuitton monogrammed keep-all duffle in tow. Whether your travel luggage is a carry-all tote or a backpack, our criteria for a grade-A travel bag includes comfort, ease of accessibility and, a hint of stylishness.
Smart luggage encompasses everything great about wearable tech accessories, and its capabilities for efficiency are incredible. Smart luggage has evolved to track the location of your bags via Bluetooth, boast multiple USB ports for charging purposes, LED lighting for safety and more.
In this day and age, there's nothing more important than having a charged phone at all times, considering the thought of enduring a flight, train or bus ride rationing phone battery incites a wince. While we're not doing too much travelling or commuting right now (that might change soon, with the ease of lockdown restrictions imminent for most Australians), investing in a suitcase that can keep you safe, charged and looking good sounds like a no-brainer to us.

Smart Mugs and Keep Cups

Keep cups are another must-have — showcasing that you're conscious about the environment and waste is a good look on many levels. We've all collectively fallen in love with the keep cup in recent years — they've become the go-to work Secret Santa gift, the talking point between you and the barista, the list goes on.
Smart mugs and keep cups are a bona fide saviour for people who forget their coffee until it's gone cold. If self-heating your coffee with temperature control through your smartphone doesn't sound like morning convenience, I don't know what does.


Earbuds are as much as a statement as the music you listen to — and it's always been that way. Large, bulky headphones are a longstanding sign of hip hop worship, while tiny, futuristic Bluetooth earbuds once elicited thoughts of stressed-out office workers huffing and puffing their way down the street.
Ease of connectivity is probably the main feature we're all after in a good set of earbuds these days — something that'll switch from Spotify, to TikTok to a video call without glitching, all while looking cute.
Samsung's Galaxy Buds, (which Charli XCX currently reps, if you needed convincing of good sound quality) boast two microphones that help block unwanted sound and cinematic image 360 audio. They're also available in a range of pastel colourways to help you express yourself even more.

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