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5 Trending Tech Accessories That Celebrate The 00s Glory Days

Tech has always been part of fashion, from more direct avenues like the TikTok micro-trend cycle, to how we physically incorporate devices into our outfits.
Considering Y2k has been one of the biggest comeback fashion trends this year, it was inevitable that our modern tech accessories would throw it back to the 00s, too — and it's honestly a treat to behold. 
While we love nostalgia in every form, there's something ultra comforting about tech receiving the Y2k treatment. Modern tech, from our phones to our laptops, is generally pretty sterile and slick in design, so to see it get wrapped up in colourful naughties is fun. 
Here are five tech accessory trends that are currently sending us back to simpler times.

Phone charms

Nothing screams 2005 quite as loud as a phone charm. They donned our flip phones and we kept them attached to our wrists as we wandered aimlessly around suburban shopping centres. Now, they're back to elevate (and protect) our smartphones.
They're reminiscent of the plastic ring and necklace trend that's taken TikTok by storm this year, and even the likes of Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid and Devon Lee Carlson have all opted for the 'craftcore' inspired accessory to dangle off their phones.

Flip phones

We never thought we'd see the return of the flip phones but, alas, it's 2021, and anything is possible. Considering they are the quintessential Y2k status symbol (let's face it, every cool-girl you looked up to in Year 7 had one), they were bound to make their way back.
While they're not necessarily an accessory, the whole point of the flip phone was to express your inner-most self with its colour, shape and, of course, the intensity at which you flipped it.
The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has given the humble flip a modern twist with enhanced camera features and a larger, completely foldable, immersive screen to view content, online shop and even have video calls. Its new palm-raise feature will also help you get into the perfect position to take a selfie, which is an added bonus as well. In the show-stopping video for 'good 4 u', pop queen Olivia Rodrigo can be seen staring with seething angst into one — just in case you needed an extra push to give one a go after all these years.

Phone purses

Phone bags fit somewhere between a bumbag and a classic crossover, however, they're only big enough to fit your phone — and what's more 00s than a tiny bag? 2021 has seen the chic mini bag pop back onto our radars via Instagram, and they're quickly becoming the no-fuss bag of choice for our post-lockdown wardrobes.
Phone purses are perfect for bar-hopping, festivals and shopping marathons as they won't weigh you down one a bit. You can make a statement with an oh-so naughties OTT designer print, go sleek with a black leather purse or stand out with a padded print — whatever suits your outfit.

Luxe watches 

A bedazzled watch was a hallmark for all 00s princesses. While watches have technically never gone out of style, they're the original piece of wearable tech that has seen many iterations over the years.
Luxe watches have made an undeniable comeback, with statement timepieces and engagement watches slowly but surely making their way into the mainstream consciousness.

Customised earbud cases 

While we often opted to wear clunky headphones in the early naughties (all while bopping along to Avril Lavigne's 'Let Go'), there's something that screams super Y2k about custom Bluetooth earbud cases, and they're popping up everywhere.
While wearing your earbuds is an accessory in itself, the case is really where you can take things to the next level — whether you're opting for a colour-blocked option with a carabiner for extra practicality or a, a cute case is where it's at.

Products listed start from $1,499.


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