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Most of us want great sex and, based on the Refinery29 archives, we’ll try plenty to get it, from the safe and simple (yoga workouts and arousal gel) to the highly controversial and potentially dangerous (vaginal injections). But have you ever considered that studying might be the secret to better sex?
An intimacy masterclass covers everything from the science of desire and pleasure anatomy to building sexual confidence, discussing consent and exploring new things with a partner. Basically, it's everything you wished you'd learned at school. Even better, it’s free and brought to you by NORMAL, one of our favourite sex toy brands.
NORMAL was cofounded in 2021 by sex-tech expert Lucy Wark (who spent 10 years brainstorming the brand) and certified sex coach Georgia Grace. They have a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot so you know they know their stuff. Their sex toy lineup may be small but it is mighty, from the powerful Quinn, which mimics oral sex, to the Charlie, which can be used in the bath or shower for up to 30 minutes.
Aptly titled "The Modern Guide To Sex", the video masterclass is based on survey data from over 1,000 people and is a 15-step programme structured around all the things you’ve always wanted to know about sex but have been too afraid to ask: from orgasms (how to have them, how to have multiple, how to relax into them) to masturbation, anal and oral sex, and grooming down there. Led by Georgia, the class is designed to be sex-positive and inclusive, which means it includes guidance on penetrative penis-in-vagina sex but also vagina-and-vagina sex and penis-and-penis sex. It’s a move that matches the brand’s ethos: deliberately using ungendered terminology to describe their toys and donating a percentage of sales to LGBTQ+ youth charity Minus18.
So why is all this information free? "We hear a lot of people talking about the pressure to 'get it right'," explains Lucy. "From our study, we identified major gaps in sexual confidence. [The class] is designed to showcase what modern sex education should look like: fun, sex-positive, evidence-based and direct. It can be an amazing way to spend time with yourself, your besties or your partner, exploring new things and enjoying an experience together."
Including plenty of informative illustrations and clear directions, we love how much advice the masterclass offers in using sex toys, whether you're a newbie or veteran: from integrating them during foreplay and sex to using them alone or with a partner (or several). NORMAL even has a handy quiz to help you discover your ideal match, depending on how, where and with whom you like to use your toy. On each of the device pages, you’ll also find in-depth video explainers from Georgia on how to get the most out of your toy. And if you don’t end up loving your purchase? You can return it for a full refund and a fresh recommendation with their 100 Night Stand Policy.
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