Celeste Barber Schools Anti-Vaxxers Who Think They Know More Than Nurses

Just when you thought national appreciation levels for Celeste Barber couldn't get any higher, she drops a perfectly articulated takedown of anti-vaxxers who think they know more about COVID-19 than qualified medical professionals. 
In a TikTok video shared on Thursday, the 39-year-old comedian took aim at people spreading outrageous conspiracy theories that suggest nanoparticles inside vaccines are used to connect people to 5G networks.
“Hi guys. I wanted to quickly jump on here and just speak mainly, I guess, to anti-vaxxers. I hear that you guys are freaking out, I do, I really hear it and I can feel it,” Barber began.
“I just want you to know that when I got my first Pfizer shot about a week ago, the nurse who gave it to me, she actually shows you the 5G before she puts it in the vial, which I think is really good. I don’t think that many people know that," she said, sarcastically.
The comedian also trolled those who claim Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates wants to implant trackable microchips into the vaccine that will ‘alter’ our DNA. 
“I was very surprised, it blew my mind out how small Bill Gates’ DNA is. It also fits in the vial as well with the 5G,” she said.
Barber also took the opportunity to highlight how ridiculous it is that so many people are questioning the knowledge of qualified nurses who are simply following official health orders.
“And she was saying it to me, the nurse who’s been a nurse for 20 years or something, she says how grateful she is that she can get all the information from people who sell felt hats at the market and they know so much about it, so she was super appreciative of it.”
And it only got better.
“So I just want you guys to know that they are being really transparent about it and of course, I know a lot of the anti-vaxxer people are really worried, they do hold the vial out in the sun, direct sunlight for a while as well to get all that healing sunlight in because that’s what's going to heal us and keep us safe from an international pandemic."
Barber recently shared her own vaccination experience to Instagram, praising frontline workers for their efforts to keep us safe.
"I got it! Get it if you can and let’s kick this in the dick!" she captioned a photo taken after she received her first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.
"The excellent front line workers that are keeping us safe are the sexiest SUPERHEROES in all the universes!
Anti-vaxxers predictably responded by attacking Barber for encouraging her 8.2 million followers to get vaccinated if they were able.
In one particularly charming video that's since been deleted, Sarah J Holman — a vocal anti-vaxxer — called the comedian a “fat slob” for promoting the vaccine.
“You tell me why fat slobs like Celestie Baba (sic) are able to post on their Instagram and encourage other people to get the shot when people are dying and people are being maimed by these things,” Holman said.
Barber didn't miss a beat with her response, replying to a retweet of the video with: "That’s Dame Celestie Barber to you."
Celeste, 1; Trolls, 0.

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