6 True Stories Of Women Hooking Up With Their Bosses

It's a textbook taboo; a sexual fantasy that's been seen on screen and heard about in gossip circles — sleeping with the boss.
Sure, we may all hold moral opinions about whether it's ethical to do so, and many of us are still recovering from the betrayal that is Alan Rickman in Love Actually buying a necklace for his secretary, but we can't deny that there's something titillating about an office romance.
A 2019 survey found that 58% of employees have engaged in a romantic relationship with a colleague — but it's another dilemma altogether when that colleague is your superior.
We scoured the pages of Reddit to find stories from real women about their own hookup experiences. What we found is that they vary immensely — from the lead-up sizzle, to what happens after the coitus, it's clear that there isn't a stock standard experience when it comes to sleeping with your boss.
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