About Time: Aussie Paralympians To Receive Same Cash Prize As Olympians

Photo: Getty Images.
Australian athletes have been reeling in medals at the Tokyo Paralympics — 13 gold, 23 silver, and 24 bronze to be exact. While we’re proudly celebrating 60 big wins, until today, our athletes weren’t receiving a cent for their wins.
Now, the federal government has stepped in and committed to providing this financial award to Paralympians who win gold, silver or bronze. 
“I’m very pleased to announce that the government will provide additional support to Paralympics Australia to ensure our Paralympic medallists will receive equivalent payments to our Olympic medallists,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said before today’s Question Time. 
Paralympians will now receive $20,000 for winning gold, $15,000 for silver, and $10,000 for bronze — which is what their Olympic counterparts have been receiving.
In Australia, historically monetary rewards were determined independently by different national committees for the Olympic and Paralympic teams. According to SBS, the Paralympics committee couldn’t afford to award athletes with cash.
With this change, we join the ranks of the United States, which gives both Olympic and Paralympic gold medal winners the same amount ($52,000).
"Like their Olympic counterparts, Paralympians often have to make major sacrifices in their lives, foregoing family and work to train and compete nationally and internationally," a statement to the ABC from the Prime Minister and Sports Minister Richard Colbeck read. 
“There are still three more wonderful days ahead and we are so, so proud of our team. They have shown discipline, focus, determination, dogged persistence, a great sense of humour, a great sense of the Australian spirit on display,” Scott Morrison said.
“We have witnessed the essence of what sport is all about being the best you possibly can be… You have inspired us and we are grateful that you’re one of us as Australians.”

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