Intense, Dark, & Broody: Scorpio Season Is Here

Photographed by Megan Madden.
It isn't really spooky season until the sun enters Scorpio, is it? Well, it's time to gear up for the festivities, because on October 23, Scorpio season officially begins.
We'll be experiencing a shift from light and airy energy of Libra season to passionate and profound Scorpio season, says Iva Naskova, astrologer at Nebula Platform. "Regardless of your astrological sign, you may feel more emotional during this time and have a greater desire to form deeper connections with others," she tells Refinery29. "Shallow interactions may no longer suffice, as this season emphasises authenticity and sincerity in all your interactions." There's no such thing as a superficial connection during Scorpio season — we're desperate to get deep, y'all.
Stephanie Campos, astrologer and author of Seasons of the Zodiac: Love, Magick, and Manifestation Throughout the Astrological Year, agrees. "During Scorpio season, we are invited to turn inward and reflect on how we've been expending our energy," she says. "Who and what is worthy of our most precious resource, our time? This is a season of emotional purging, surrender, and release, which is no easy feat." We're going to want to explore the depths of our psyche and face our fears, which could mean cutting off relationships that aren’t serving us or putting ourselves out there in a big way.
Scorpio season is giving introspection, and we may feel compelled to delve deep into our past, our memories, and our emotions. "This can be a daunting task, as confronting one's deepest feelings can be intimidating," Naskova says. "However, Scorpio's season is the season of transformation, and you should welcome this journey of self-discovery. Additionally, this is an ideal time to work through your old wounds and traumas and discover your true selves." You know that Taylor Swift line about how the old Taylor can't come to the phone anymore? Yeah, that's the vibe. As we release the old parts of ourselves, Naskova says we will emerge as newer, better versions — that is, if we put in the work.
One of the most important days of Scorpio season is October 28, when we have our full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus. "Since November 2021, we've been experiencing eclipses on the Taurus-Scorpio axis, ushering in fated change in the areas of our birth charts that both Taurus and Scorpio occupy," Campos says. "This marks the final eclipse and is wrapping up a major storyline for both the collective and in our personal lives." It's not even New Year's yet and we're experiencing a big, significant end.
Campos says to think back to November 8, 2022 — that was the last time we had a lunar eclipse in Taurus. "What major plot lines were unfolding in your life around that time?" she says. "Similar topics may be up for discussion or revision."
Mark your calendars for the days between November 7 and November 17, when Mars opposes Uranus — trust us, things are about to get intense. "Making impulsive decisions can be dangerous now, so it’s crucial to stay aware, as the damage done could be long-lasting," Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. "We should now seek freedom in ways that are constructive and creative, but not damaging to our relationship or bank account." Keep your crabby comments and compulsive shopping on the down-low — at least for those 10 days.
We'll be ending Scorpio season on a good note, too, when the sun activates Pluto in Capricorn between November 15 and November 22. "The last days of Scorpio season bring the opportunity to create positive change by saying goodbye to the old and what no longer serves us," says Montúfar.
So, for the next month, promise yourself this: You'll get deeper, delete what no longer serves you, and seek a new way forward. Good luck, and I'll see you when it's Sagittarius season.
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