20 Iconic Late-Night Spots At Colleges Across The Country

College is the best four years of your life, or so the saying goes. Maybe the last half of that statement got chopped off, because really, it's the best four years of your life for eating greasy food late at night. Whether it's because you've had too much to drink, or you've just been studying really hard... well, that depends on the night of the week, we suppose.
Once you enter the "real world," chances to line up with a hundred of your peers for the chance at 3am ooey-gooey pizza or hot-sauced-dosed tacos suddenly dry up. Plus, let's be real, super-late hours just make things taste better (we're sure it's just the exhaustion and not cans of Natty Light that make it so, of course). No wonder nostalgia for our respective alma maters runs so deep.
Ahead, 20 of the most iconic drunk spots in the country. What would you add? Let us know in the comments, and we'll see you for brunch in the dining hall tomorrow.
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Chicken On A Stick, University of Mississippi

Perhaps the definition of "only when drunk" food, Chicken On A Stick is located on the square in Ole Miss – and inside a gas station.
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Boot Pizza, Tulane

Boot Pizza is conveniently located next to The Boot, a campus bar at Tulane. Genius marketing right there.
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Varsity Donuts Truck, University of Kansas

On the weekends, Varsity Donuts' food truck sells doughnuts as well as savory fare like mac and cheese to college students in need of a late night nibble.
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White Spot, UVA

Old-school diners and late-night dining go hand-in-hand. At White Spot, town and gown alike line up to enjoy its iconic gus burger, a cheeseburger with a friend egg. Legend even says that, if it's not crowded, they'll let you go behind the counter and flip your own burger.
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Time-Out, UNC Chapel Hill

The author of this piece did not go to UNC, but she did once flee Time-Out after realizing her debit card was overdrawn. The Time-Out staff did not bat an eye.
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Antonio's, Amherst College & University of Massachusetts Amherst

When you hear "hot cheese up front" (a.k.a. $1 cheese slices) being yelled at increasingly rowdy college students, you know it's late night at Antonio's.
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The Grill, Athens, GA

You can eat at The Grill any hour of the day, but, at a certain time of day, the patrons become noticeably more and more inebriated — and more and more feta fries are ordered.
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Roti Roll, Columbia University

A no-frills takeout spot, Roti Roll has the unique distinction of also sharing bathroom privileges with the next door gay bar, Suite. You are free to enjoy your roti roll there, or at another campus favorite, 1020, just down the block.
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Will's Pizza, Miami University Of Ohio

Oxford, Ohio has plenty of independent pizza spots catering to the late-night crowd, and each one has its devotees. However, one Miami grad swore to us that she's eaten an entire pizza from Will's drunk — and has never had it sober.
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Are U Hungry, Penn State

Every sandwich comes with fries on them at Are U Hungry, because shouldn't they all?
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Tolly-Ho, University of Kentucky

Tolly-Ho is proud to be a UK institution (it says it on their awning). When you've got that much school spirit, and are open 24 hours, you're pretty much guaranteeing late-night crowds ready to enjoy your food.
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Fuzzy's Taco Shop, Arizona State University

Located right on ASU's campus, it's easy to find an excuse to make Fuzzy's the last stop of the night.
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Conrad's, Michigan State University

Disrupting the potato industry since 2008, Conrad's knows exactly what college kids want: tater tots inside their wraps as well as on the side.
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Grotto Pizza, University of Delaware & Delaware State

The signature swirl of sauce on top can only mean one thing to undergrads throughout the state of Delaware: Grotto Pizza.
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Buckeye Donuts, Ohio State University

This 24-hour establishment proves there's no wrong way to eat a doughnut.
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Hoagie Haven, Princeton

They are alternatively known as subs, heroes, or grinders, but in the Mid-Atlantic they can only be called one thing: hoagies. And their haven just happens to be a pit stop on the way home late at night for Princeton students.
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D'leon Taco Rico, University of Nebraska

Local taco chain D'leon has all the hallmarks of a perfect late-night spot: filling, cheap food, open 24 hours. (That last one might be the most important.)
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U Pizza, University of Michigan

Close proximity to bars also helps certain establishments become go-to's for late-night dining. U Pizza, in Ann Arbor, is conveniently close to several undergrad drinking spots.
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House Of Pies, Rice University

Yep, another 24-hour establishment, known for colorful clientele and drunk college kids.
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Louis' Lunch, Yale

Home of the first hamburger? Debatable. Home to drunk Yalies on the weekends? Definitely.
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