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12 Safe Experiences Your Partner Wants Instead Of A Gift

When you're looking for a thoughtful, last-minute gift for your partner, something you can do together is an obvious way to go. After all, experiential gifts are often more memorable than a random trinket or pair of slippers. After a year of being cooped up inside due to the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to safely get out and do something fun could be just what your partner needs for the holidays.

Ahead, find 12 safe experiences you can get your partner, or do with your partner, that make for great gifts. And if you already got them something for the holidays, feel free to save these for a date idea later on in the year.

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Book a session with a psychic medium.

See a medium.

If your partner had a tough year, schedule a one-on-one Zoom session with a medium to get them on track for 2021. Even if they haven't lost any loved ones, a medium can provide surprising insights about their personal life and career.

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Did someone say road trip?

Rent a car.

If you live in a metropolitan area and have been stuck inside all of 2020, rent a car for the day or the weekend and take a drive. You don't have to go anywhere special — just put on a great playlist and get out of your usual neighborhood.

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Book a fancy Airbnb.

Take a stay-cation.

You don't have to travel far to have a good time. If you feel comfortable doing so, book the fanciest Airbnb you can find in your local area — or even just the most interesting one — to stay in for the weekend. (Look for one with sanitizing practices in their listing.) The trip won't be far, and you'll be able to see your city from a new perspective.

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Movie marathon.

Unlimited movies.

Turn your home into your own personal theater by splurging on a projector, buying all the candy and popcorn you can, and having a movie marathon for a day — or an entire weekend.

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Spend some quality time outdoors.

Go hiking.

Unplug for a day and take your partner on an easy hike. If you're not sure where to go, All Trails is an easy way to find trails nearby. All that fresh air and nature will be super romantic.

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Is it in the stars?

Have your birth charts read.

If bae has a passing interest in astrology but doesn't know all their signs, aspects, and angles, consider getting them a virtual one-on-one birth chart reading so they can actually learn what's up. Or, if you really want to know what the stars have to say about your relationship, book one together (just cross your fingers it's all good news).

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Rescue an animal together.

Pick out a pet at the shelter.

If you and your partner have been talking about adding a furry friend to your squad, the holiday season is the perfect time to do it, because you've probably taken days off work. Pick a date to go to the shelter together and adopt a dog or cat. Then cancel all your plans so you have time to swoon over it.

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See who has a green thumb — and who doesn't.

Take a plant workshop.

You've been talking about getting some greenery for your apartment, but don't know anything about houseplants. Avoid getting a love fern that dies instantly, and sign up for an online plant workshop at The Sill.

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Get in the holiday spirit.

Do something unapologetically festive.

Don't be a Grinch if your partner really turns up for Christmas. Find something to do that embraces the holiday spirit, like driving around an exceptionally well-lit up neighborhood, hosting a holiday movie marathon, or going ice-skating at an outdoor rink. Basically, lean into the festivities.

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Have an at-home whiskey tasting.

Taste a bunch of whiskeys.

You might not know the difference between whiskey and bourbon, but after taking an online whiskey tasting class — or just buying a ton of bottles to try out at home — you will.

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Travel back in time.

Get nostalgic.

Gather a bunch of candies, movies, toys, and other fun items from the decade you grew up ('90s babies — this is an excuse to buy the black choker necklace you've had your eye on) and stage a throwback party.

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Lights, camera, action.

Have a photoshoot.

Buy a couple of disposable cameras from the drugstore (they're only about $7), and have an amateur photoshoot with your partner. Then, you can get the photos developed and framed or just post them to Instagram. This cheap gift idea is perfect if you just started dating and want to commemorate your relationship in a sentimental way.

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