Diptyque's Most Exclusive Candles Just Got A Little Less Exclusive

If you want to put both your hometown pride — or, alternatively, your globe-trotting lifestyle and seemingly infinite number of PTO days — and your excellent taste in bougie candles on display without a single humble-bragging word, there's no better way to do that than with one of Diptyque's City Candles.
The nuanced scents cast each respective city in their most flattering lights: Miami smells like freshly-squeezed lime and a delicate hit of magnolia, not cheap margaritas and dance-floor sweat; Shanghai is all hot green tea and osmanthus, no smog to be sniffed. They're all gorgeous and inherently collectible — with one caveat. The collection is sold exclusively in Diptyque outposts in the cities that inspired them, meaning you're pretty much out of luck if your heart is in the lush public gardens of Tokyo but your body is in Tokio, Texas. (Last recorded population: 24.)
But starting at midnight tonight, for four days only, you'll be able to get your hands on a candle inspired by your favorite vacation or your spiritual home, no matter where you are in the world. Retailing for $72 a long-lasting, slow-burning pop, you can shop all six of the candles exclusively on the Diptyque Paris website through April 9th. The limited quantities won't last, so this is one deal worth staying up past your bedtime for. And besides, they're a hell of a lot cheaper than those flight prices to Berlin you've been tracking on Expedia...
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Smells like fresh-cut grass and an early-spring breeze rustling the namesake trees of Unter der Linden in Germany's green, sprawling capital city.
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London is fully floral, an ode to the city's flower market on Columbia Road, with distinct notes of heliotrope, lilac, juniper, and hyacinth — and a hit of spice to warm it all up.
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Like stepping into a dimly-lit historic tea house, green tea and maté are rich and earthy without being overpowering.
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An intoxicating blend of cypress, pine, cedar, and incense would feel like a religious experience if it weren't so sexy.
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A tropical vacation in a frosted-green glass jar, but more sophisticated than the usual coconut-y, piña colada vibe, Miami is at once bright, soft, and deliciously tart.
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A sip of barely-sweetened lemonade topped off with fresh mint, and a whiff of freesia that makes you remember why you love the West Coast in the first place. (It's not the Hollywood sign, that's for sure.)

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