Kendall Jenner Posted A Pizza Dough Recipe & We Have Questions

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Most of the time, we fully trust what Kendall Jenner has to say about pizza. She seems to be somewhat of an authority on the subject seeing as she's always discussing her fave pizza joints on her app, posting photos of pizza parties with her sisters, and the pizza even seems to be her go-to emoji for any occasion. Recently, however, Jenner posted a recipe for what she calls "the best pizza dough in the world" on her app, and we have some questions.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Kendall wrote a blog post on how to skip the V-Day hype and opt instead for a quiet evening dedicated to "doing you." The first in her three steps to enjoying a relaxing holiday in is to "veg out." And, as we probably know better than she does, a key part of vegging out is food. So, it was under this step that Jenner included the pizza dough recipe. She wrote, "Why not use the excuse to veg out in your comfies with classic HS flicks and homemade pizza? This recipe is amazing, but I'll leave the toppings to you — basil and extra mozzarella for me!"

This recipe that the model swears by appears to be pretty standard, and similar to any you might find by simply googling "pizza dough recipe," so we're not quite sure what makes it such a standout in her mind. Jenner doesn't elaborate on why she loves it and also doesn't comment on ever having used it herself. We don't doubt that it works well or that it's easy to throw together on a laid-back night, but we'd definitely like to know where it came from. Is it a recipe from a celebrity chef friend of the reality TV royal family? Or did the pizza lover come up with it herself? It probably isn't her sister Kourtney's recipe since it isn't gluten free.

At this point, all we really know for sure is that Jenner thinks that pizzas made with this recipe pair nicely with teen party flicks, yogurt masks, and one-woman dance parties. You can put that to the test by trying out the recipe, which is found here.

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