Netflix Just Went Old School

Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg/Getty Images
With all the emphasis on Netflix shows and instant streaming, it's easy to forget that millions of people still use the service for its original purpose: to get physical DVDs delivered to their doorsteps.

After splitting the delivery service from its main app in 2011, Netflix removed features like queueing, searching, and getting recommendations on Netflix for DVD-only subscribers. Instead, DVD users were herded to Quartz reports that the new DVD Netflix app, announced Sunday, promises to bring back the gravitas DVD users feel they lost.

In a world so heavily based online, we don't think of the people who aren't quite as plugged in. Not everyone has access to lightening-fast internet that makes streaming so appealing, and some people just prefer their movies offline. According to Mashable, Netflix features over 93,000 movies and TV that can be delivered to your home, and general manager of Netflix’s DVD division, Hank Breeggemann, told Quartz that the company has no plans to slow down.

“If you cut back on service, you are going to lose your subscriber base,” he says, referring to those who still cling to their DVDs. “Expect us to continue to ship DVDs for the foreseeable future.”

However, the company is still keeping an eye on the future after the company released an offline streaming mode at the end of November. But the only update I really want is for it to stop asking me if I'm "still watching" when I haven't left the couch for five hours.

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