This YouTube Tutorial Shows How Makeup Can Get You Through Bad Times

Thanks to YouTube, we’ve seen the transformational powers of makeup taken to unbelievable new heights. Going from everyday human to walking Snapchat filter? Amazing. Painting your way to full-fledged Disney cartoon? Mind. Blown. But the latest transformational video impresses in another way: It shows the power of makeup to lift the spirit during the worst of times. The video features YouTuber and freelance makeup artist Nadina Ioana and her mother, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

As Ioana notes, chemotherapy patients typically have very sensitive skin and lose their brows and eyelashes, so she starts by hydrating the skin with moisturizer and serum. Next, she works her magic to help erase the signs of the aggressive cancer treatment. She fills in sparse brows with a pencil. She stamps out darker tones around the eyes with the help of peach-toned concealer. She applies false lashes, and adds contouring near her mom’s hairline. After she applies a shimmery, peach lip color and puts a wig on her mom, the look, which Ioana posted to Instagram with the hashtag #siemprefuerte, meaning “always strong,” is complete.

While the change is significant, it’s the smile that says it all: Makeup is not only a powerful tool to boost confidence, but this mother-daughter primping time is far from superficial. "‪For me, it's such a pleasure to be able to make this for her," Ioana says. "I don't like to see her down, and I think is very important for her health to be positive and keep a high self esteem during the treatment."

During the video, the pair is seen chatting and laughing; Ioana’s mother even dances in her chair a little bit, her mood clearly lifted. And that’s just as beautiful as the final look.

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