The Best Fashion Trends Of 2016: Ranked

They say fashion is cyclical, but nowadays it seems like the cycle is spinning so quickly, old trends hardly have time to be missed before they're revamped into something shiny and new.

It's the ever-changing variety that has made this year so exciting. Sure, off-the-shoulder tops might seem repetitive, but the styles have run the gamut from peasant dresses to mod minimalism. Chokers might have a throwback vibe, but instead of donning stretchy tattoo bands from the '90s, fashion girls have gotten creative with ribbons, keychains, and shoelaces.

Still, we know that what looks good can be totally subjective (that's what makes style so fun). So we wanted to ask you to help us rank the top 10 trends we've been seeing everywhere. Will bell sleeves stay for longer than one Zara shipment? Have chokers been a good idea, or would you rather see them go back to the '90s? Let us know what you think by voting your fave trends up and your not-so-fave trends down.

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