Who's The Hollywood Mean Girl Bella Thorne Avoids At All Costs?

Photo: Eric Ray Davidson/Seventeen.
Bella Thorne is on the cover of Seventeen's December/January issue, and girl does not hold back when it comes to talking about her experience in Hollywood. Specifically, one fellow young star Thorne goes out of her way to avoid.

"I have a mean girl," Thorne tells Seventeen. "She’s in the business, and she’s very, very mean. I stay away from her at all costs. I never say hello to her. Her siblings are not mean like she is. It’s just her. One of the reasons I don’t like her is because she’s been a billionaire since she was very little, and she’s never had to work for anything in her life.”

The actress doesn't name any names, but it's kind of easy to narrow down the field based on all the hints she gives. Famous, wealthy family the person was born into? That could potentially mean the Cyruses, Kardashians-Jenners, or maybe even the Peltzes. As to which member of those potential crews might be Thorne's mean girl, we won't speculate any further — especially since we don't know for sure whether the bully is from one of these families. Still, it's pretty brazen of Thorne to come forward with that many clues in as public a forum as Seventeen.

Thorne's confessional-style interview continues with a discussion of her personal life. She's currently dating actor Gregg Sulkin, and she says that past relationships have definitely informed her present one.

"An ex of mine and I knew each other’s phone passwords, and he was constantly going through my phone. I learned not to do that because anything can be misread. Gregg has my password, but he doesn’t go through my phone. The ex and I also had a 'Don’t talk to the opposite sex' rule, so if a guy I was working with wrote me, it would be a big problem."

Thorne also opens up about the hard times her family went through after her father died in a motorcycle accident when she was 9. The family was living on food stamps; something Thorne hasn't shared until now. "I wasn't hiding it, and it wasn't like, 'Oh, I'm embarrassed because we don't have money.' It was, 'Oh, we don't have money, so we're going to work that much harder.' It was scary, though, because you really want those jobs. It's a different hunger when you want your family to eat."

Like we said, Thorne gets real. The December/January issue of Seventeen hits newstands November 24.

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