Mystical Lipsticks Even The Mother Of Dragons Would Love

When it comes to internet-famous brands, names like ColourPop, Beauty Bakerie, and Huda Beauty often come to mind. But as of late, the Nebraska-born company Storybook Cosmetics is dominating the beauty scene, and Instagram simply can’t get enough. How'd they win the hearts of beauty fanatics everywhere? By creating products inspired by popular movies, shows, and stories. Each one had a little bit of fantasy, a lot of imagination, and high-quality formulas to boot.
Now, the brand is moving in a different direction with some original creations — starting with dragon-inspired lipsticks.
Yesterday, we reported that Storybook was working on four brand-new liquid lipsticks. Now, the masterminds behind the Harry Potter-themed makeup brushes are creating entirely different lip formulas — all while somehow maintaining the mystical appeal the brand is known for. The brand posted the sneak peek to Instagram last night with the caption, “INTRODUCING our Storybook Cosmetics Dragon Lipsticks! These lipsticks are inspired by all of our fire breathing friends, and will be available FALL 2017! 🐲" Then, they added this kicker: "IMPORTANT! These are our own original creations, they are not sponsored, endorsed or licensed by any other existing literary or visual work. "
The tube's casings are adorned with dragon-like scales in three different colors: silver, rose gold, and gold. While we don’t know much about the actual lipstick colors inside, we do know the packaging could pretty much sell itself. If you're not keen on unicorn and mermaid makeup, this take on fiery dragon lipstick may just be the edge you're looking for. We’re sure the brand will share more details soon, but one thing we know for sure: The Khaleesi would approve — and that’s all that really matters.
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