You'll Be Grateful You Have These Products When It Gets Really, Really Cold

Whether you like it or not, temperatures are dropping and hibernating is not an option. In the colder months, humidity decreases and your skin is stripped of moisture, which makes your winter skin-care regimen your saving grace. That being said, if you haven’t thought about switching it up yet, the time is now. Yes, even if your lips haven’t started cracking, your cuticles are still intact, and scales have yet to appear on your legs.

“Cold weather dries out the skin, which can lead to irritation and, unfortunately, people who are prone to skin conditions like eczema tend to battle flare-ups, as well,” explains board-certified dermatologist Adriana Lombardi, MD, of the Lombardi Plastic Surgery Center in New Jersey.

The three most important ingredients to look for in your moisturizers as the weather gets colder are hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin. “Hyaluronic acid is superior, because it’s great for all skin types, pulls moisture from the surrounding environment, and traps it into the skin,” says Dr. Lombardi. Ceramides not only function as a barrier to help protect the skin from the elements, they also help to lock in moisture. “People with eczema have a decreased number of ceramides in their skin, which leads to lack of barrier protection from outside irritants.” Glycerin draws moisture from the air and applies it to the skin’s surface to create a shield.

Ahead, you'll find our favorite products to combat the elements and keep you moisturized from head to toe.

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