The Best Coastal Grandma Decor You Can Buy For Under $100 On Amazon

The most recent aesthetic trend spawned by the TikTok monster is hereby known as Coastal Grandma. A nod to the leading ladies of Nancy Meyers' movies — most notably, Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep — this movement centers on a style that can best be described as casually wealthy. While the white cotton turtlenecks, loosely tailored button-downs, breezy linen pants, and sumptuous cashmere wraps worn by plucky women with money are all compelling in their own right, there's another component to the lauded Coastal Grandma aesthetic that warrants acknowledgment: the decor. Because, after all, what's an escapist Nancy Meyers movie without a home that looks breezy and laid-back but has really been decorated within an inch of its life.

If you've yet to spend an evening eyeing the sprawling properties featured in such summer blockbusters as Something's Gotta Give or It's Complicated, then let me paint a picture of the interiors: It's an airy Hampton's mansion by the sea or a California countryside chateau. The color palette is all creams and blues, the textures are wicker and wood. Entryway tables are dotted with hurricane glasses full of seashells and Italian vases housing pussy willow branches. A French-style market tote sits on the counter, overflowing with fresh farm vegetables. There are relaxed linen napkins arranged on the table and a ticking-stripe patterned mat covering the kitchen floor. It's unmistakenly affluent — but in the warmest of ways.

While we might never possess the finances of a Nancy Meyers main character capable of owning such a lavish residence, we can still imitate the essential vibes of one even without a kitchen island the size of a small car. After rewatching the aforementioned flicks and studying their hallowed interiors, I spent the remainder of my weekend in pursuit of all the under-$100 Amazon decor that would adequately achieve the elusive, effortless Coastal Grandma aesthetic. Read on to shop my ensuing haul of cable-knit throws, farmer's market totes, and scallop lampshades that will beckon your studio-apartment visitors to stay for the weekend — which may or may not include rambling walks, flower arranging, romantic old-timey movies, croque monsieurs for dinner, and freshly baked blueberry muffins at sunrise.
Think of this as the iconic Nancy Meyers sweater for your house. When a brand-new slipcover sofa filled with soft-as-a-cloud down exceeds your budget, tossing a cable-knit throw blanket overtop your Ikea loveseat will do the trick. (Bonus points for draping it over your shoulders as you burn the midnight oil working on your next big script.)
A common thread in Nancy Meyers' movie homes is perfectly placed antique pieces that look like they were passed down from generation to generation. Usually, these pieces are pitchers or vases that either live in the dream kitchen or hold court in the living room for the purpose of holding freshly picked hydrangeas and pussy willow branches (more on that to come). While Amazon is not the place to score such vintage treasures, it does offer this intriguing collection of blue Italian Spode ceramics all priced for under-100 buckeroos.
Ticking stripe is the Coastal Grandma aesthetic in pattern form as it represents something that is at once both practical and elegant. What began as a utility textile used to more comfortably cover mattresses way back in the day has now become a country-chic household staple. Its most commonly used forms include rugs, table runners, chair cushions, throw blankets, hand towels, and bedding. A well-placed ticking stripe inside your living space will say "I'm refined within reason."
The French-style market tote is really just a woven bag that many Coastal Grandmas (and Ina Garten) use to go grocery shopping. When they're not transporting vine-ripened tomatoes and bunches of organic green-leaf lettuce, these totes can exist on a seat by a door where they will signal to visitors that an impromptu farmer's market trip is imminent.
Coastal Grandma's love lamps — and we get it: lighting is everything when it comes to establishing an air of soft sophistication. Because of this, the classic white scalloped or pleated lampshade is a recurring fixture inside their homes. Buying a brand new lamp to replace the one you likely already own is a whole to-do, so my suggestion would be to swap out your shade for one of these under-$100 Amazon gems that are ready to switch on the bemusingly polished vibes.
Over the Atlantic welks and through the sea stars to Coastal Grandma's house, we go! When the beach is out of reach, let some polished seashells intentionally peppered throughout your apartment supply the Hampton's mansion vibes.
Never underestimate the power of a good linen napkin. Not only are these dining cloths functionally fancy but they're also reusable and, therefore, kinder to the environment. Cut down on your single-use napkin consumption while also flexing your Coastal Grandma entertaining skills the next time you have guests on for supper. Hot tip: Linen napkins can double as coffee table placemats for your croque monsieur (ahem, grilled cheese with ham) dinner.
With their bold and beachy name, hurricane glasses are a Coastal Grandma no-brainer. Recommended uses are for holding candles, seashells, and flowers, in such a way that feels sturdy and reflective — like your main-character resolve.
A sham is just a Coast Grandma way of saying pillowcase. This is another easy, affordable way to elevate your pre-existing sofa or bed situation to enviable summer-home levels. The key here is to opt for styles featuring dreamy shades of whites and blues along with simple striped patterns alongside the occasional understated ruffle.
Coastal Grandma homes use wicker trays to display books, candles, vases, and more atop their coffee tables (which are usually some sort of extra-large tufted ottoman). It's an easy way to provide elevated structure to the crowded shoebox that may or may not be your living space and can double as a blueberry-muffins-in-bed server for lucky guests.
It's not a Nancy Meyers' kitchen if it doesn't have copper in it. From gilded gaggles of pots and pans to gleaming stovetop kettles, it's the type of opulent cookware that was made to be left out on display. While overhauling your entire kitchen collection to feature exclusively copper will cost more than an arm and a leg, picking up one to two strategic pieces is enough to accomplish the Coastal-Grandma gist. I'd suggest opting for countertop statement-makers that are as pretty as they are practical — like copper tea kettles, omelet pans, hammered cheese trays, or little claw-footed sponge caddies.
If you don't have access to fresh pussy willows (or prefer the faux stuff) then I found a decent selection of Amazon bundles you can arrange within your blue Italian Spode vase or hurricane glass. While Coastal Grandmas are also wont to have big hydrangea blooms sprinkled around their homes, the more nuanced of this aesthetic (aka less shabby-chic Pinterest, more casually wealthy with impeccable taste) are clippings of the branch variety.
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