Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix In January 2015

A new year, a new Netflix. Alright, Netflix goes through a mini-makeover every month, but Friends is coming and that's almost as exciting as the prospect of winter — the Game of Thrones version, though. Ain't no body got time for the cold.
Since it is winter, however, binge-watching season is in full effect and Netflix is catering to that. If you manage to watch something other than six highly-caffeinated twentysomethings bumble through New York City like wide-eyed puppies, you'll be pleased to find a solid selection of titles to queue up. That Michael Fassbender-in-a-mask movie, Frank, is hitting the streaming airwaves. So is Reese Witherspoon's Election.
Let's be real, though: You're going to be spending the next month curled up in your secret Snuggie with some tea watching the twentysomethings. It's okay. Own it.
Ahead, a list of what else will be available to instantly stream this month.

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