Get Ready To Embrace Scandi Style – Weekday Is Coming To London

Swedish brand Weekday is opening its doors in London this August, meaning our wardrobes will be treated to heavy doses of denim, slouchy tailoring and minimalist staples. The brand, founded in Stockholm in 2002 and part of the H&M group, already has 27 stores across Europe, but will be making its UK debut on London’s Regent Street.
Managing director David Thörewik tells Refinery29 this was always on the agenda for the brand: “We’ve really been longing to open a store in London, and Regent Street is a fantastic street with lots of history – we can definitely bring something to it.” The brand is heavily inspired by youth culture and street style, which certainly plays out in the capital. “I have the opportunity to travel here with work and every time I’m always really inspired by the different cultures that create an energy and pulse in the city,” David says. The inspiration flows both ways, with British people looking to Scandinavia for cutting-edge tailoring and the latest in denim innovation. Why is there such fascination with Scandi style? “The minimalism, the simplicity, the clean’s a mindset,” Louise Lasson, the brand’s creative director & head of design explains. “But at Weekday, we work with dynamic fabrics and shapes to create a stronger minimalism, one that combines streetwear and denim, too.”
Weekday has mastered the art of straddling high street and mindful fashion – something many brands are failing to achieve. “Sustainability is natural for us. We create garments so our customers don’t have to choose between values and fashion – that shouldn’t be a question for them,” David tells us. “100% of our five pocket denim pieces are made from organic, recycled, or sustainable cotton blend. This spring we launched a recycled polyester swimwear collection, and from this autumn all our basics t-shirts will be made out of organic cotton. Our goal is to have 100% organic sustainable cotton in all our garments by 2020.” Creating off-kilter classics that transcend seasons has always been key for the brand, fostering the idea of investment buying and pushing against fast fashion. “When we are designing, we always think of the longevity of the garments within the aesthetic. It should be durable over seasons, something you can combine with your personal style,” Louise says. “That for me is a sustainable way of thinking.”
One of the most anticipated aspects of the London store is that UK customers will be able to get their hands on Weekday’s Zeitgeist project – a weekly drop of store-made T-shirts designed in response to current cultural events, from the political to the tongue-in-cheek. Only available in-store, they have become collectables, filling Instagram feeds and street style galleries alike. Week 28’s T-shirt (the most recent) was red, with a digital font proclaiming “The Future Was Stupid”. The accompanying description read: "Last week for the second time in recent weeks, Donald Trump was met by protesters dressed in red robes inspired by the futuristic TV series The Handmaid’s Tale. In the late 90s, artist Jenny Holzer said The Future is Stupid – is this what she was referring to?" Week 25? A white tee with the slogan "Beyonce’s Twins Are Gemini". “The idea behind Zeitgeist is to look into what’s going on in the world. We see the T-shirts as the headline of the week. We want it to be a place where sometimes we talk about serious stuff, inspiring people to take a stand for what they believe in; and sometimes we talk about fun things that have gone viral,” David explains. “It has a kind of energy to it. It’s a really genuine process – the print is sent out to stores on Tuesdays, screen-printed on Thursdays, and up for sale by Friday.” This spontaneity and capturing of the contemporary climate is another way the brand is trumping its contemporaries. When Topshop releases a slogan tee saying "Revolution", it hardly feels genuine, whereas Weekday’s reactive pieces feel authentic.
The London store opening also brings an exclusive pre-launch of the brand’s AW17 collection. With a distinct neo-futuristic element, Louise explains that the design team was inspired by Israeli photographer Nadav Kander. “He often captures the human impact on nature in his landscape images; we were amazed by his work.” Giant shearling coats are paired with asymmetric evening tops and deconstructed waterfall hems. Heavy hiking boots and climbing rope are styled with feminine lilacs and pinks, and space-age metallics teamed with acid wash denim. It’s a beautiful collection, which will no doubt sell in the first weeks of opening. Weekday’s London debut has been a long time coming, and we’re excited to incorporate more of the brand's ethically minded, street-inspired pieces into our wardrobes.
Weekday opens on Regent Street on 18th August.

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