This Is What Leg Contouring Looks Like

Just when we thought we'd seen all of the trends the beauty world has to offer, in comes one so outlandish and time-consuming that we'd hesitate to mention it if it weren't so damn entrancing.
Allow us to introduce you to leg contouring, the art of creating gorgeously bronzed and toned legs with an absurd amount of makeup.
Yahoo recently published a piece on makeup artist Meri — or, "gam gal" and "Queen of the Gams," as I'm now calling her — who transfixed her Instagram followers with a video of perfectly sculpted legs. And while Yahoo notes that the video was originally published in April 2016, the summer months have once again fired up its popularity.
Watch the video here:
While the end result looks nice, we honestly can't imagine spending that much time on crafting our legs — no, not even to attain the perfect "hot dog leg" Insta post.
Besides, there's already enough pressure to attain body "perfection" as is. Take a quick look around the internet, and you'll find a gazillion photos and articles about how to achieve glowing legs that'll make all of your friends jealous while sitting poolside; the best shimmery products that are for sure to make you look like a sun-kissed goddess; tips on how to not look sweaty even when it's 110 degrees out; etc, etc.
And don't get me wrong. All of the above tips are super fun! But, sometimes it's hard enough for me to apply a little mascara and a smudge of lipstick, let alone carve out an hour to look like the inside of a glossy magazine.
For now, I'll just watch the above contouring video on repeat while maintaining my Bella Thorne-inspired aesthetic.

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