Another Alleged Photoshop Fail In A Victoria’s Secret Ad

Another day, another possible Photoshop fail. Victoria's Secret fans are not happy with a new photo that was posted to the company's Facebook and Instagram. Customers are claiming that the models were photoshopped — badly. Specifically, fans are questioning the model on the left's very thin arm and the random elbow that's sticking out on the right side of the photo. "The photoshopping on the arm of the girl on the left is concerning," one commenter on Facebook wrote. Another said, "Look at the random elbow on the right side of the photo." "Beautiful but the one arm doesn't look right," one reader commented. Another replied, "Yeah my first thought was wow what is wrong with that arm." An Instagram commenter said, "You can tell that the arms are [photoshopped]."
This isn't the first time fans have accused Victoria's Secret of terrible photoshopping. Back in 2015, the internet was buzzing about an ad that left a Victoria's Secret model with only one butt cheek. Refinery29 spoke to an anonymous Victoria's Secret photoshopper who shared that often, editing includes "adding meat on [models'] bones" since models are "thinner than you actually think they are."

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