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The 10 Best Winter Workout Gifts For Your Active Friends

It takes a whole lot to get to the point of actually working out: mustering up the energy and motivation, mentally preparing yourself for 30 minutes to an hour of physical exertion, finding the right gear, and actually getting to the gym or studio or...outside. Factor in winter and subzero temperatures, and the whole situation becomes increasingly tenuous. And any additional snag in the process, like a shrunken sports bra, a stretched-out pair of leggings, a frayed, decade-old sweatshirt, or a super-thin running vest can make or break a really good high-adrenaline, endorphin-boosting workout. 
That’s where Athleta comes in — with its incredible winter activewear offerings, you can give your friend the gift of an excellent workout every time. There’s the best-selling Rainier Tight (in endless colourways) that are designed to withstand cold climates with their soft, brushed interior, the Flurry Endeavor Turtleneck that serves as an essential base layer, the Inlet Vest that’s constructed with a lightweight and breathable performance fabric, and so many more. Click through to shop the 10 best pieces for your friend’s winter workout.

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