How To Make Your Own Almond Milk, Vegan Ice Cream, Mayo & Cheese

I mean, how hard can it really be to make your own nut milk? And while you’re there, throw together some truly tasty vegan versions of ice cream, chocolate dessert, mayonnaise and a cheddar cheese?
It’s been an interesting challenge. My kitchen has seen revelatory highs (hello delicious nut milk) and frustrating lows (disappointed in you, non-dairy cheese).
Plant-based eating is good for us and our planet so it’s always good to further the veggie/vegan cause. This experience has taught me that I have no excuse to buy almond milk ever again, vegan chocolate and ice cream can taste great and an eggless mayonnaise may be passed off as the real deal. And although I’ve still to come up with a vegan cheddar recipe I love enough to share, I hope you will try the rest of these ideas on your friends and family, vegan or otherwise.

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