This Halloween-Themed Gym Playlist Will Make Your Workouts Scary Good

Photographed by Caroline Tompkins.
Welcome to October, the month where fall's romanticization hits its peak (sweaters! PSLs! hayrides!), and the countdown until Halloween begins in earnest. Yet, even as you roll out your seasonal attire and buy every cider- and pumpkin-flavored item at the grocery store, your workout and corresponding playlist likely remains the same.
It's totally fine if you want to keep the songs of the summer — such as Lizzo's "Juice" or Khalid's "Talk" — alive through the colder months, but if you'd rather bring some of October's spooky vibes into the weight room, you're in luck. In honor of Halloween and orange-and-black workout gear, we've created the perfect gym playlist for anyone who isn't afraid to get a little scary while they get sweaty.
If you're not completely sold on the idea of a workout playlist, let alone a themed one, hear us out. In general, it's been found that up-tempo songs with a strong beat can provide enough stimulation to help you power through your gym session. Research even suggests that synchronizing exercise to music may boost efficiency. More specifically, your workout may benefit if you have a particularly emotional connection to the music you're hearing — and that's why leaning into a themed playlist, no matter how corny, could actually be useful. We don't you know about you, but listening to our favourite Halloween-y tracks will certainly put us in the mood to move — if not flee from the zombie horde. Don't worry, "Monster Mash" isn't featured.
Featuring artists like Kesha, the Misfits, Ghost, TV On The Radio, and more, this playlist will keep things nice and creepy: from your all-important warm-up to the final moments of your cool-down. Get ready to have the scariest (you know, in a good way) workouts of your life — just try not to scream. Today, we've added even more bone-chilling (yet heart-pumping) tracks to the list.
Check out the full playlist below and share your favourite spooky tracks in the comments.

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