Do You Have A Separate Skin-Care Routine For Summer? Here’s Why You Should

appearance by Chelsea Peng; appearance by Mel Wang.
A general rule we like to stick to here at R29: When the temperature changes, so should our skin-care routines. During the winter months, we're focused on deeply hydrating and protecting our skin against the bitter cold, and come summer, we're doing all we can to stay cool, calm, and collected in the relentless heat. Because, as we all know, with heat comes sweat and a whole new set of summer skin woes.
That's why, in the latest episode of Routine Reversals, we challenged lifestyle influencer Mel Hwang to swap skin-care routines with R29 fashion editor Chelsea Peng for a quick lesson in summertime skin care that we can all benefit from. From switching out heavy oils for lightweight gel creams to using a Degree dry antiperspirant spray to keep unwanted odors at bay, pick up these essential seasonal hacks and more in the video above.

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