Meet Summer's Biggest Beauty Trend — & No, It's Not Another No-Makeup Makeup Look

When humidity levels hit an all-time high, the last thing we want is heavy makeup melting off our faces like ice cream down a cone. While the obvious move might be to default to a pared-back, no-makeup makeup look, we don't always want to compromise on our love of bold, creative beauty. So, what's a makeup lover to do? Find new ways to keep it all feeling fresh, courtesy of vibrant hues and smart application hacks, of course.
Think: applying foundation only where needed for second-skin-like radiance; balancing out an eye-catching lip look by skipping eye makeup entirely; and, most of all, getting playful with a palette of glossy, high-shine lip shades: juicy pinks, bright corals, and cherry reds — the sweet, summer crushes of colours. Consider it all a new, romantic approach to your everyday makeup moves.
To bring this idea to life, we teamed up with Revlon and makeup artist Sabrina Rinaldi to create three joie de vivre beauty looks fit for the summer season without ever compromising on style. From popsicle-stained lips paired with easy-going, brushed-up brows to an unexpected combo of petal-pink lids and a classic red lip, the makeup moves ahead are sure to set your summer beauty game aflame.
Consider magenta your one-hit-wonder shade this season: It's juicy, bright, and works just as well on your lids as it does on your lips. Start this look by applying the Revlon PhotoReady Rose Glow Primer for a dewy, iridescent base, then work your foundation only where needed with a damp makeup sponge for even, breathable coverage. Use the Revlon ColorStay Brow Creator to fill in any sparse spots on your brows, and brush up hairs with the spoolie end for a cool, feathered effect.
On the lids, apply a golden ochre eyeshadow all over, blending the colour all the way up to the brows. Using a crease brush with a pointed tip, apply a pop of fuchsia shadow at the inner corners only. "It’s a fun way to add a pop of colour in a new way that people aren’t used to seeing," Rinaldi says.
For a faded, popsicle-stained lip, lightly dab on Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish in Rule The World at the center of your lips, not filling your lips entirely with colour. Next, blend that colour from the center of your lips outward with your finger. ("The warmth of your finger helps blend it out better," says Rinaldi.) The goal here is to not have a hard, defined edge but rather an effortlessly cool faded edge.
Once upon a time, it might have been considered faux pas to pair pink and red. Those days, we are happy to report, are long gone — especially when it comes to our makeup. Not only is the colour combo romantic with an edge, it's one we've been seeing pop up on red carpets and our social feeds alike. To create this look, start by applying a glow-ready primer, then blending foundation outward from the center of your face. "You get this dewy glow around the edges, then, where there’s more of the primer and less of the product," Rinaldi says.
To create this high-shine, glossy red lip — and actually make it last — key prep steps are essential. After filling in lips entirely with red-blue lipliner, Rinaldi has a secret stay-in-place step: "Take a little bit of loose powder and lightly dust it over [the lipliner] before the lip colour," she says. "This creates a barrier before the lip colour that'll give you more insurance of durability." Next, grab the Revlon Ultra Vinyl HD Lip Polish in Cherry On Top and apply it directly from the doe-foot applicator onto your lips.
Finish off the look by swiping a shimmery, rose-pink shadow onto the lids, not going up past the crease. Comb, define, and separate lashes with Revlon So Fierce Mascara, and voilà.
When creating a dual-toned lip look like this, start by evening out your complexion with the Revlon PhotoReady Candid Foundation. The breathable coverage "isn't overly dewy or a heavy matte. It just looks like skin," Rinaldi says. Polish brows by filling in sparse spots with a pencil then grooming and brushing into place. To balance out the oncoming lip colour, skip any other eye makeup entirely. "Leaving the lid bare helps modernize the look and keep it fresh, since the lip is such a statement," Rinaldi says. "Anything else on the lid would be overkill."
For a full-of-life, summery flush, brush a peachy-pink blush onto the apples of your cheeks, and don't worry about overdoing it: "Anything in a really bright peach or pink will always read as lively, so you can get away with heavier application," Rinaldi says.
To create the bold, colourblocked lips, grab Revlon Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polish in Rule The World (a punchy magenta) and Power Up (a bright coral), applying the coral on your upper lip and the pink shade on the bottom. Avoid immediately rubbing your lips together to keep the colours from bleeding. Over time, the fuchsia and the coral will inevitably blend, and they'll make a bespoke, custom-blended colour of their own.

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