3 Makeup Looks To Heat Up Your Beauty Routine This Spring

Too often, spring can't keep up with our excitement for it. Think about it: How many times have you retired the tights a few weeks (okay, even months) too early after that one out-of-the-blue 15-degree day that teases warmer temps? And while we can't flip a magic switch and turn the sunshine up as soon as April hits, luckily for us, there is one way for us to exercise a little agency in bringing about the hot-weather vibes ASAP — and that's via our beauty routines. Because what has more of an instant, feel-good effect than swiping on a bright coral lipstick on a particularly grey day? Yeah, we'll wait.
So, we teamed up with Revlon and makeup artist Allie Smith to create three warm-toned, desert-inspired beauty looks that are guaranteed to heat up your makeup routine, stat. From a fresh matte upgrade to your "no-makeup makeup" look to a luxe smoky eye inspired by sunset-canyon colours, these are makeup moves that anyone — at any level — can make. (And, can shop right at Shoppers Drug Mart.) So scroll on, and check out all the stunning ways to manifest all the spring vibes with your makeup, ahead.
For the girl who feels like she's mastered the no-makeup makeup look and is ready to ever so slightly step it up, this radiant-matte look is for you. To start, prep skin with an illuminating primer for a lit-from-within effect, then apply a breathable foundation with good-for-you ingredients, like Revlon PhotoReady Candid Foundation, as needed. Working with a light hand is key to keeping your base feeling natural, says Smith, so you can let any and all gorgeous freckles you may have, as here, shine through. For a subtle, light-catching effect, add sheer, bronzy highlights along your brow- and cheekbones.
To give this skin-first look a little extra je ne sais quoi, swipe on an unexpected lilac shadow along your lids. Purple is a universally flattering shade that "pairs nicely with a nude lip," says Smith. For brows, fill any sparse areas with a brow pencil and brush them up with a spoolie for that effortless, easy-going feel. As far as finding a nude lip that works best for you, Smith advises "not to match the colour to your lips — or your skin — exactly. Keep some kind of natural tone to it." (Here, she opted for Revlon Super Lustrous Matte in Dare To Be Nude, a rich, nutmeg shade.) To finish, add a rosy nail enamel for that last, polished touch. Everyday makeup has never felt so fresh.
While a classic, charcoal smoky eye will never go out of style, try giving the look a warm, earthy upgrade this spring, instead. First, even out your complexion with foundation and concealer to create a uniform, glowy base. Then, grab the Revlon ColorStay Looks Book Eyeshadow palette in Enigma to create that luxe, ombré-gradient eye. Apply the lighter, peachier shades at the inner corners of your eyes, gradually adding the darker, more mauve shades as you move outwards, trailing off into a diffused wing. Add a healthy coat of mascara on your top and bottom lashes for a full-on glam finish.
Since it's a strong lid look, "you want to keep brows natural and light," Smith notes; she simply defined and brushed them up here. And for that rich, mauve-y lip? Mix two similar shades together for a covetable, custom colour. First, apply Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Rise Up Rose all over your lips as the base colour, "then add the lighter shade [Audacious Mauve] just at the center to give the lip a little dimension and create a natural contour," Smith says. To even further intensify the lip, apply Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse overtop. So there you have it, a full-face look that still feels fresh — aka, the ideal approach for all those spring weddings you have lined up.
For a fresher take on festival makeup, skip the glitter this season and go for fiery pops of coral instead. Start by creating an even complexion with the ultra-blendable Revlon PhotoReady Candid Foundation. "It’s like priming the canvas: You have to have something for [the makeup] to grab on to," Smith says. For that bright burst of shadow at the outer corners of your eyes, apply the amber-toned, red-clay colours in the Revlon ColorStay Looks Book Palette in Maverick. "You're going to need to be checking for symmetry and balance [as you apply]," Smith advises, and "don’t be afraid to use a bigger brush — it’s much more uniform and easy to control."
To not lose the shape of your eye with such a striking look, add a touch of the excess amber shadow from your brush right below the inner corners of your brows. "You don’t want to lose the bone structure here, so it's good to define the socket slightly. Brows should be groomed, as well, to anchor your eye," says Smith of the technique.
For that hyper-matte coral lip, swipe on Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse in Scorpion Red, and apply it directly from the tube, no liner necessary. Keep a concealer brush on hand for any potential touch-ups in order to keep lines crisp and clean. "When you have a very diffused eye, it pairs well with a more graphic lip," says Smith. Top off the look with a bright red nail polish.

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