This Is Your Secret Weapon For Full, Fluffy Brows

Despite the ongoing obsession with all things ’90s (see: chunky sneakers, designer fanny packs, and The Spice Girls 2019 reunion tour), one beauty bullet we’ve been lucky enough to dodge (at least for now) is pencil-thin eyebrows.
Praise be to the beauty gods, flattering and under-plucked full brows are still going strong, but unlike the outrageously bushy brows of seasons past, the most sought-after arches these days are equal parts fluffy and groomed. If the recent surge in microblading is any indication, most of us need a little help when it comes to getting that full-brow look, but there’s always good ol’ fashioned products if you prefer to go the cheaper (and less permanent) route.
In the event that you’ve been avoiding eyebrow gel for fear that it’ll make your brows look shiny and plastered down, you might be surprised to learn that brow gel is actually the best choice for fluffing up your brows. “Eyebrow pencils are great for creating structure and filling in gaps, but a gel is what will actually keep the hairs in that upward motion,” says Mary Dang, Tweezerman ambassador and founder of Eye Love Beauty Bar in Toronto. According to Dang, adding a second sweep of product is the secret to getting that naturally fluffy look. “A lot of people make the mistake of applying the brow gel in just one direction, but the best way to apply it is in both directions,” she says. Starting at the tail, brush down and toward the centre of your face, she advises, then brush up and out, back toward the tail. For added definition, take a clean spoolie and give your brows one final pass. “Just like with mascara, you want to separate the hairs and make sure there are no clumps,” says Dang.
Given that choosing the right product is also key to creating a wispy, well-groomed look, we asked the pro to share her top product picks for every eyebrow-hair type.

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