Orbital Piercings Are Our Favourite Autumn Accessory

Anti-tragus. Conch. Tash rook. These are just some of the cartilage piercings on a long list of ones we love. But for as rad as they look, the particular spot takes a long time to heal (think: 3-5 months). Luckily, there's another option that's equally as cool but comes with a shorter healing process. Meet the orbital piercing.
Similar to an industrial piercing, the orbital features two holes connected by one piece of jewellery, but instead of being pierced with a bar, it uses a tiny hoop. While the short healing period (around 8-10 weeks) is a bonus, it's the placement that's the biggest selling point. Orbital piercings on the earlobe are less painful than cartilage piercings, and the unique placement makes them the perfect addition to your existing constellation piercing.
Feeling inspired? Ahead, the cutest orbital piercings from piercers on Instagram.

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