3 Ways To Achieve Otherworldly Glow With Your Makeup

Whether it's obsessing over our zodiac signs or shopping for the latest astrology-inspired accessories, it's safe to say we've got a thing for the stars. This season, the cosmos are crashing into our beauty routines, too, with the latest highlighter-heavy trend sweeping our social feeds. You know what we're talking about: the illuminating palettes with reflective, pearly pinks and holographic purples; the sparkling lip glosses that lend supernova levels of shine; and the foil-like metallic shadows that give moondust a run for its money.
But the best part about a mythical-light look? There's no one way to achieve it. "Anyone can wear [the trend] in their own way," says Allie Smith, the makeup artist who brought to life the three super-luminous styles ahead — all entirely created with Revlon products, by the way. Because whether it's with a shimmery accent lining your Cupid's bow or an all-out silver explosion across your lids, the versatility of the IG-friendly look speaks shines for itself. See how the stars align in the three stunning looks below.
Far transcending its once middle-school reputation, today gloss is every major MUA's go-to when a runway look calls for shiny-eyed models. To make the editorial texture more everyday approachable, work with a soft, pastel colour palette all over — from your lips to your lids. "Pastel washes can be really polished and sophisticated," says Smith.
To begin, apply a longwear liquid foundation (like Revlon ColorStay Foundation, used here) for an even base that won't budge all day. Then, to create a shiny "wet" look on your eyes — without the actual inconvenience of wearing gloss — add a silvery-metallic accent at your inner corners to achieve that same light-catching effect. Brush a base of lilac shadow onto your lids, adding pink and purple highlights overtop (from Revlon PhotoReady Galaxy Dream Holographic Palette) for a final, dreamy touch. "Purple is a universally flattering colour," says Smith, "and plays up any eye colour in a really fun way. It makes greens greener, browns richer, and blues brighter." To finish, swipe on a few coats of a baby, bubblegum-pink lip gloss to cast a Milky Way of micro-glitter along your lips. The result? A reflective, pearly glow you can achieve any time of day.
Truth be told: Pastels aren't the only pigments that can bring to life this fairy-tale-like trend. In fact, pairing darker makeup — like the purple liquid liner and rich plum lipstick, seen here — with lighter accents of iridescent shine only works to create more of an alluring, multidimensional look.
Start with a full-coverage foundation to create a smooth, even-toned canvas for all the coming colour. Next, create your everyday cat-eye in a deep violet shade, but take it to the next level by adding a touch of purple highlight at your inner corners. Pop any leftover pigment on your cheekbones, as well, for some extra-credit shine. To create that majestic plum lip — ideal for everything from a night out with your BFFs to the fancy event you break out the floor-length dress for — line your lips with a wine-coloured liner, applying Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint in Extra Violet overtop. To finish, accent your Cupid's bow with the same purple highlight you used on your eyes, and add a platinum polish at the tips of your nails. It's those delicate details that end up making all the difference.
We couldn't leave you without one ultra-glam look, now, could we? Make your lids shine like shooting stars with a bold wash of metallic cream shadow that completely surrounds your eyes. To really make the silver pop, "have a point of contrast," says Smith, speaking to the strategic "pencil priming" and black eyeshadow base she applied beforehand. First, line your eyes with a black pencil ("to not lose the shape of the eye"), then add charcoal shadow at the outer corners before going overtop with a silver cream shadow. "It makes it a lot easier for the silver to be the star of the show."
To balance such a striking eye look, give your lips a modern contour with a fresh, dual-toned stain. Apply Revlon's Lip Cushion Tint in Naughty Mauve (the darker of your two lip shades) directly from the cushion-tip tube at the center of your lips. Then, go in with Pink IRL (the lighter of your two colours) to fill the outer edges of your lips. For that soft, semi-matte finish, grab a tissue and blot the pigment you just applied. Pat it down with your finger afterwards for a perfectly imperfect finish that's not too sheer, not too matte. Voilà!

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