12 Money Diarists Reflect On Their Most Expensive Purchases

Starting today, Refinery29's massively popular Money Diaries franchise has its very own Canadian version. And as we know from our global diarists' entries, we all have our unique styles when it comes to saving and spending money. Some people are partial to money-saving apps that do (some of) the work, others use piggy banks, and some are ready to hit purchase on the cart that's been filled for days as soon as that direct deposit hits.
These habits doesn't necessarily have to do with salary: Sometimes, a diarist with an entry level salary one-third of what our highest-paid diarists earn is the most willing to shell out cash on beauty products or morning coffee. The bottom line is: Everyone has a different idea of what's worth spending on and what they can afford — be it a fresh pair of Gucci loafers, a honeymoon, or a home. We don't judge! But the interesting thing to know is why these purchases were worth the hard-earned cash.
Ahead, global Money Diarists tell us their biggest purchases, why they bought them, and — most importantly — how they feel about them now.

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